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Say goodbye to generic email

Is your organisation using generic email addresses like name@gmail.com or name@vsnl.com? If you are, you're missing a golden opportunity! You can use your email addresses to reinforce your brand and your credibility.

The best part? It's not that hard, if you know how...

If your website is www.mywebsite.com, it's easy to use name@mywebsite.com for your emails. Doesn't that look so much better? It's more professional and it promotes your website too!

There are some free or low cost options for doing this. Zoho offers a service with up to 50 mail accounts for free. Google offers modestly priced paid email addresses with their excellent G-Suite product. Google's G-Suite also opens up a world of opportunities for easy integration with a host of other online services.

It's a bit technical getting these setup and you need to get it right. We're here to help if you're not confident doing it yourself.

Right now we have a super deal for Fair Traders to get you started.


Low cost and effective

If you already have a website, you're just one step away from having your own custom-branded emails.

Don't have a website? No problem. It's easy to buy a domain name and you don't need to set up a website to use it. There is a small, ongoing yearly cost from providers like Godaddy.com or Namecheap.com (often around US$10-15 per year). We can help you set this up too if required.

So what's stopping you? Talk to us about switching your organisation to branded emails today, or sign up right away!

We're here to help you get started


20 new branded email addresses

Hassle-free setup. We take care of all the technical stuff so you don't have to!

No ongoing costs

5GB free storage per email address

Hosted online by Zoho.com

No ads displayed in your inbox

Easily connect to MS Outlook and other email apps on your desktop or phone

Have up to 50 free email addresses

+$10 to setup each additional block of 10 addresses

30 days free support included

Do you have existing email addresses?

Depending on your setup, there may be additional costs. Contact us for more details.

That's 50% off our regular price*

* This special deal is only available for a limited time to members of the WFTO, FTFI, Nepal Fair Trade Group and the Bangladesh Fair Trade Network.


one-time setup fee



Choose no. of email addresses

Website address for emails

You will be directed to PayPal to make a secure payment.

We accept all major credit cards and you do not require a PayPal account.

Deal finishes November 17 at 5pm IST

We accept payments from Visa and Mastercard

We'll answer any questions you have about the email addresses as well as discuss your website and digital marketing needs.

We'll throw in a free website checkup too!

Still not sure what all this means?

Sign up for a free, 30 minute consultation.


We include 30 days of support to make sure you are up and running. Ongoing support is available as required on a chargeable basis. However, we don't anticipate you will need much in the way of support once you are up and running. There are also lots of user-friendly guides available online too.

Frequently Asked Questions

What about ongoing support?

Can I do this myself?

Absolutely! However, unless you are comfortable with MX records, DKIM domain keys and that sort of thing, we'd recommend getting us to do it for you.

Is Zoho Mail really free?

It certainly is and it's ad-free too. You are just paying a setup fee with this deal.

Are you only offering to setup free Zoho accounts? What about paid Google ones?

We're focusing on the free Zoho accounts here because they are such a great deal for small organisations that don't have much money. However, we'll happily set you up with a paid G-Suite account if you would prefer. The Google account does provide more options and the has the best SPAM filtering available, but comes at a cost. Contact us to discuss pricing options.


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